Application for Cohort 4 of UpekkhaOne is now open. Apply here by Jan 25.

UpekkhaOne is a two year program that helps SaaS startups get to their first $1m in revenue capital efficiently and become a Value SaaS business . All startups from the first cohort got to their million in 18 months.

UpekkhaOne provides an enabling framework, follow-ups, peer learning, and community for SaaS startups get to product market fit, setting a strong foundation for meaningful founder outcomes.

Join the #UpekkhaTribe and build a #ValueSaaS business. We’re at @upekkhaAcc.

About Upekkha

Upekkha is catalyst for building Value SaaS startups. Upekkha is the world’s first outcome based program, aligning 100% with a founder’s interest. More at  

Last date is 22 Jan 2019. Apply here.

Cohort 4 starts on 4 Mar 2019.