Taking everything we’ve learned from the last 3 years & 101 founders at Upekkha we’ve distilled it into a structured 6-month program to build a Value SaaS Flywheel – for Cohort 7.

Applications are now open at upekkha.io/apply. VSF Basecamp 2020 commences in September.

We’ve seen how building Value SaaS startups – i.e. building high optionality businesses that double ARR every year with a burn ratio of less than one leads to great founder outcomes.

At Upekkha, we help B2B SaaS founders get to those meaningful founder outcomes – high customer value, revenue growth, optionality, network, exit – irrespective of the stage they are in.

We have the proven insights and the secret sauce to help founders build Value SaaS flywheel at an early stage, which can be transformative for them – through our advice & frameworks – which cannot be provided by capital.

So if you would like to become the next big global SaaS brand from India, apply now to join Upekkha’s VSF Basecamp program. The last date for receiving applications is August 16th.