Girish Mathrubootham has won it for all SaaS India founders!

Upekkha partner Rajan calls it an opening of floodgates for Indian Saas - SaaS velocity translating to meaningful & significant wins for founders. “This moment will be remembered 10-20 years later, that’s how significant it is. Girish has reached there and I have no doubt in my mind that there will be at least a 100 more SaaS companies going IPO in the coming decade. And of these, at least 10 will be from Upekkha,” says Rajan.

Upekkha SaaS Community shares their very own Girish story:

It's his ability to take people along that makes Girish truly special

"At the IPO event, Girish invited Avinash (Raghava) on-stage and said this is the man who made dreams come true for Product Nation, and that is his magnanimity. Not only is he one of the best product minds out there, and he’s been able to grow himself so he could grow the company at 2X-3X. But it is his ability to take people along that makes Girish truly special.”

Every line he speaks is a gem

At Upekkha’s pre-Covid sprints at the Freshworks HQ, We used to have Girish talk to our founders, and just that session, even if it was for 15 minutes, used to be one of the best because every line he spoke was a gem.
Upekkha sprints at the Freshworks HQ: SaaS founders with Upekkha Partners Prasanna (front) and Shekar Nair (third from left) 

Gives immense joy and hope to see nice people win!

The fact that he responded to a cold email and spent his Sunday morning going through our business plan says a lot about him. If there's a way to go IPO in being a good person he has a lot more to offer and learn from. Gives immense joy and hope to see nice ppl win!
Veekshith shares his moment with Girish
Girish and his team have been very open in sharing their learnings with the rest of us .. It's great to see nice guys win

The glass ceiling is broken!

I remember seeing Girish (probably for the 1st time) during TechInAsia, 2016 Bangalore where he had come as a speaker. That TechInAsia event was special for us as a company since we met our 1st paying customer there :) Listening to Girish speak about his humble beginning and then scaling the company to $50M+ revenue was oddly inspiring. Made us BELIEVE we can at least do a few million dollars in the next 5 years (if not more). This is exactly what an IPO listing of Freshworks would do to a lot of SaaS founders. The glass ceiling is broken! As Girish puts it - “All constrains are internal”! To the next 10 Indian SaaS IPOs.

Thanks Girish for being a torch bearer for Indian SaaS

Girish explained the concept of 'Four Minute Mile Barrier'. How back in the day, it was considered elusive and seemingly unattainable. Now Girish and Freshworks have broken the elusive 'first Indian company in SaaS to go public in the US'. This will set the path for a golden future of the Indian SaaS world. Thanks Girish for being a torch bearer for the Indian SaaS fraternity.

It is what Girish does - He inspires

In 2018, Freshworks was a newly minted Unicorn. At the time, I was happily frustrated with our Marketing Agency business. In Oct 2018, Girish was visiting T-Hub Hyderabad to speak about his startup’s journey. I was keen to see how a billion dollar company founder looked like & how we would narrate his story. Coincidentally, Rajnikanth’s movie Robo-2 hit the screens the same day & as you’d would expect, Girish had already watched it. However, in this case Girish’s story was more powerful, more relatable & truly inspirational. (Sorry Rajni fans). So much so that it inspired me to build a SaaS company of my own. I had no idea how powerful SaaS was until I heard Girish. To see that an “Aam Aadmi Founder” (he calls himself this often) can accomplish something path-breaking inspired my own dream. To put it simply, this is what Girish does - He inspires.
"Couldn’t hide the fanboy feeling when I met Girish" - Abhishek

A perfect Hero(Thalaiva) we need for India’s SaaS Ecosystem

I remember, in SaaSBOOMi and SaaSX, Girish always opened his internal slides and got his team to talk about how they went from 0-1 million and 1-5 million USD. I still remember how openly they talked about mistakes - what worked, what did not work in front of 300+ SaaS founders. He is a perfect Hero(Thalaiva) we need for India’s SaaS Ecosystem.

I still remember that day in his office, how supportive and insightful he was

It's a historical day for all of Indian SaaS Community, watching a 10-year-old company making it to the NASDAQ. It's not surprising that Girish is the first man to do this, still remember that day in his office when he spoke to all of us (C3 Founders) and how supportive and insightful he was. Way to go!

Dreams can come true

Every SaaS founder from India dreams of a day when their company would be listed at NASDAQ. Till today, nobody had achieved that dream. Freshworks has shown all of us how these dreams can come true.

This is just the beginning

There is nothing that can match this. I’m sure there will be more SaaS companies that will top this and beyond but being the first is incredibly special. There are half a dozen in the wings waiting to go IPO and this is just the beginning.