The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a reset of the normal ways of life and of doing business.

Assumptions that were made a month ago are no longer true. Nor is there any expectation that we can get back to business-as-usual anytime soon.

Making predictions about economic recovery or how a particular market segment will fare is fraught with risk.

When you’re driving in dense fog, you can only inch forward on first gear.

When the business climate has low visibility, the first gear of entrepreneurship is Effectuation.

What’s Effectuation? A set of principles that helps you operate in a climate of great uncertainty and make decisions that help you create order from chaos.

At Upekkha, we’ve been working with our eco-system of 101 founders to reset and re-orient their businesses to function in this new reality. Founders are coming together to co-create positive outcomes for themselves to not just survive this storm but thrive in it.

If you would like to experience this way of thinking, then stop waiting for things to happen to you.

Join us on a two-day workshop (21st and 22nd Apr 2020, 10 am – 4pm, with group work afterwords) filled with peer-driven exercises that are designed to question your current assumptions, throw away your old mental models, and co-create the future with your own customers and other like-minded entrepreneurs.

See what founders who attended the session have to say.
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