Successful entrepreneurs becoming philanthropists later in life is quite common. For Chandigarh-based data scientist Puneet Jindal, it was the other way round. The product leader and Machine Learning (ML) professional hit upon the idea of a B2B SaaS product, Labellerr, while working for his non-profit educational initiative, Eduwave.

In 2017, while helping computer science students and industry experts across India learn Artificial Intelligence (AI) through Eduwave, Puneet realized that understanding the concepts of AI/ML requires practical knowledge. He set out to design the right tools for this. He was aware that 80% of AI initiatives and adoptions fail to go into production due to inherent challenges. Puneet aligned his endeavours and focused on removing these barriers.

In August 2019, Labellerr was launched as a one-stop, end-to-end automated AI training and data annotation SaaS platform for computer vision, voice and NPL (natural language processing) solutions.

Sumit Singh, a former IT professional with deep experience in B2B, SaaS start-up space, and Neeru Gupta, a data analyst, believed in Labellerr's vision and became its Co-founders.

“Neeru is into data analytics & business intelligence. I had experience in startups, B2B saas space, marketing, partnership and alliances. Puneet is a harcore data scientist and AI enthusiast who wanted this technology to be adopted globally. I fell in love with his vision. I could see the industry moving in that direction. It felt right to bring in our complementary skills together to realize this vision.” says Sumit.

Labellerr provides fast and easy solutions for ML scientists and organizations who require iterative access to training data securely for AI models. Automated image classification and labelling make it possible to decode what is present in images. Classifying a large amount of non-tabular data, video, voice and images into clear categories helps organizations solve various problems. It helps:

  • Track copyright infringements
  • Understand human behaviour such as buying habits
  • Enables image tagging
  • Provides invaluable insights. For example, data labelling helps detect an anomaly or a fracture in the human body through X-ray data almost instantaneously.

The first step in image classification is labelling non-tabular data for those developing computer vision and natural language processing. Labellerr provides step-by-step solutions to design computer vision. Computer vision is a subset of AI. As humans, we can identify, process and classify images instantaneously, often without conscious knowledge. However, categorizing and processing a vast amount of data is possible only with machine intervention. Computers are fed with colossal data to activate the identification process quickly. One of the major roadblocks is the lack of structured and labelled forms and technologies to solve this problem. Labellerr intends to resolve this challenge.

Labellerr's current focus is on mid-market companies in healthcare, e-commerce, autonomous vehicle, retail and manufacturing industries. Labellerr is also focused on systematic data companies and AI start-ups that have the mandate to develop high-quality applications and have funds for the same.

Some of Labellerr's milestones have been:

  • Gaining traction by cracking an impressive deal with an Israeli based start-up & later with Wadhwani AI
  • Partnering with AWS (Amazon web services)
  • Winning numerous awards and grants as-well-as an incubation award at IIT Mandi and STEP-TIET Patiala.
  • Being part of Microsoft for Startups and Nvidia Inception programme.

Getting selected for the Upekkha 2021 cohort has helped Labellerr understand the importance of partnership. Partnership with software companies built out of the USA like GoodData, Ascend USA and Yash technologies has brought visibility, credibility and prospect of business in future.

Labeller was part of the Upekkha’s 2021 cohort. Talking about their journey so far Sumit Singh, Co-founder, Labellerr, says, "Though we have realized that the USA is the right market for Labellerr, we are still experimenting to get the right messaging and ICP (Ideal customer persona). We are yet to get a breakthrough in terms of customers in the USA, but we have some good partnerships. The journey has been incremental. We have gained insight step by step. Our focus is to reach $ 1M ARR (Annual recurring revenue). We are evolving day by day".

Applications for Upekkha July 2022 Batch are open:

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