Prasanna, Managing Partner at Upekkha - Value SaaS Accelerator, took various questions from the audience on whether their startup makes the cut in terms of revenue or market segment, to defining USP in a highly competitive space, explaining Wardley Maps, technology differentiation vs. positioning differentiation, segmentation, value-based pricing, GTM strategies, founder-market fit, the challenges of freemium models, building lead magnets with content and much, much more.

In his own words, Prasanna described what Upekkha does.

"Upekkha is a Value SaaS Accelerator where we help founders build Value SaaS startups. What this means is, we help founders build their revenue flywheels faster, with fewer mistakes, in a more robust way.

Essentially, what we found is that a lot of founders make a common set of mistakes across the early-stage of their journeys, and that leads to some predictable mistakes and predictable outcomes.

What we've been able to do in the last 3 years with 48 startups and 101 founders is that we've been able to help them build their engines for revenue growth faster, which includes everything from product, tech, marketing, sales, customer success and support, you name it, across the board, along with another critical part, which is the financing of the startups."

Prasanna laid out how Upekkha helps founders build a capital-efficient DNA and build a Value SaaS flywheel from the beginning. He said, as a founder before you have this engine, money is hard to find and you will have to take money on somebody else's terms, but once you build this engine, you'll have money coming in on your own terms.

At Upekkha, we help founders first deliver value to their customers, then value to the business, to their employees, to themselves and any other stakeholders that they may have. This Value SaaS trajectory helps ensure that as a founder, you make the right choices for you as a founder. All Upekkha cares about is securing meaningful financial outcomes for you as founders and your employees.

One of the things that the Upekkha team has seen in their own careers as entrepreneurs is that a lot of founders have been sacrificed at the unicorn altar. Trying to be unicorns, trying to make that leap... they die. VCs themselves say that the odds of staying alive in this trajectory are in the range of 1% to 5%. Odds of becoming a Unicorn - 0.1%!

That's why at Upekkha, we say NO to Vanity SaaS.

We believe in the Value SaaS way, with which we've been able to help founders get to their first million dollars in revenue with less that $100k - $200k of capital spend. Upekkha founders have built business worth $5M - $10M while diluting less than 10-20% of their equity.

Prasanna added that by applying Upekkha's Value SaaS frameworks, as a founder, you will save yourself from committing 40-70% of the mistakes you can easily avoid. The tribe will help save you another 20-30% of mistakes, and then the Upekkha team will save you from another 10%. So hopefully, you will make completely new mistakes and learn new lessons that help you build your business better, rather than wasting time repeating the mistakes that others have already made. He went on to explain the 5 things you need to succeed as a SaaS founder.


Clear domain understanding: This is something you need to bring in as a founder.

SaaS frameworks that work: Based on our understanding from working with 100s of SaaS startups over the last 5-10 years, we've built Value SaaS frameworks that we will help you learn and apply in your particular context

Peer support: Having a tribe of founders who are on the same journey as you is a powerful thing. Learning from and having the support of a tribe, saves you months and years of wasted time making easily avoidable mistakes.

Strategic decision-making: Getting the right guidance and push to make strategic decisions for your SaaS business

Inspiration: Founders find inspiration in many ways, from keynote talks to 1-1 conversations

You can find all of this and more at Upekkha.

Apply to Upekkha's VSF Basecamp Program here to find your flywheel revenue with enhanced optionality and join an elite tribe of Value SaaS Founders.

Last date for applications is Sunday, August 16th.

Listen to the full video below to hear Prasanna answer all your burning questions, from what MRR we're looking for, to what if you're at too early or too late a stage to apply, how the program works, how you will be guided to apply these frameworks, why being part of the Upekkha Tribe is so powerful, what are the terms of the program, how much time you would need to reserve for the sprints, how we support funding or strategic investments, what are the next steps once you've applied, what we do for fun as a tribe and more.

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