Your B2B marketing team would have several irons in the fire. SEO, Social media marketing, email marketing, etc.

All of them will fail if you miss out on one simple ingredient.

Imagine you are the prospect. You showed interest in a few email tools and you are flooded with ads everywhere.

Which marketing campaign would prompt you to make a buying decision?

Maybe none.

Because you trust none of the brands yet.

Building trust is the goal of marketing

The purpose of every marketing campaign is to first build trust. Are all your marketing campaigns designed to build & foster trust?

Today, it’s especially critical to focus on electronic word of mouth - online testimonials.

Because even when your prospects trust your brand, they will verify online.

They do their research on all the products before choosing one. They look for peer recommendations or online review forums like G2 to make informed decisions.

Many marketers believe that getting online customer reviews is not in their control. They think if a customer likes their product they will automatically spread the word online.

This is where, even in an early stage, your product or customer success team must step in and collect reviews. It should be a part of their daily or weekly activities to make customers happy, collect their testimonials, and help get their testimonials posted online as well.

Upekkha’s Value SaaS Flywheel

At Upekkha, we’ve found that capital efficient growth demands that products should be awesome - so awesome that customers give you excellent testimonials and referrals as well.

So we ask founders to talk to their customers every month to understand them more deeply. If customers are happy, get a testimonial at least, if not a referral.

These testimonials help startups to gain trust in the market and get more customers. This powers the referral leg of the Value SaaS Flywheel framework.

Upekkha's Value SaaS Flywheel framework

Building trust with online testimonials

Often, companies that are built outside the US find it challenging to build trust in the market.

This is where testimonials and online reviews from happy customers can help marketers build trust with prospects anywhere in the world. Bringing scalable sustainable growth for our startups.

Online review platforms like G2 and Capterra are helpful for companies to showcase their customer testimonials.

Some of our startups that are ranked high on G2 are:

  • Almabase - Ranked as the #1 alumni management software
  • Pazo - Ranked #2 among the retail task management software
  • SignEasy - Ranked among top 10 e-signature software
  • Tars - Ranked among top 10 chatbot software

Our startups leverage these online reviews and testimonials in their marketing initiatives.

Take a look at how Almabase has used its customer reviews to build a web page differentiating themselves from their competition.  

See the video testimonial of Mario R for Tars on G2

G2 has been a great source of truth for B2B software buyers and it helps companies, built anywhere in the world, to gain trust globally.

Key takeaway

For B2B SaaS startups that are at their initial growth phase, it is important to get customer reviews and testimonials and publish them on public domains like G2, websites, social media posts, email communication, etc.

Building trust takes time and effort and you should ask your existing customers to give you a leg up through their online testimonials on trusted platforms such as G2.