Most SaaS startups falter and die in their journey from $100K to $1Mn in revenue. Most founders make too many ‘unforced errors’ since they don’t understand the criticality and counter-intuitive nature of the SaaS flywheel.

For a SaaS founder, Upekkha runs a 2 year intensive program to help reach the first million in revenue quickly and capital efficiently, while building a strong vision and path to the $10Mn mark. Our community of B2B SaaS founders, and network of operators and experts helps founders manage their progress better, helping with key strategic and tactical decisions with frameworks and peer feedback.

Startups from the inaugural batch grew 2.5-5X within 12 months, with two of them of touching the  $1Mn mark and today the community has 20+ B2B SaaS founders with MRR between 10K-120K.

Upekkha is also the world’s first outcome based program, aligned 100% with the founder’s interest. Participating startups pay Upekkha a small base equity while the actual outcome (MRR/ARR) drives the bulk of the equity and revenue share for Upekkha.

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