"Your business keeps changing as it learns new skills. With more learning, your business's environment keeps changing. So the software you use to run your business should keep evolving with your business," Prasanna, Managing Partner at Upekkha, says during his conversation with Digjay Patel, founder of VCpreneur.

Digjay is an ex-banker at JP Morgan Chase. He helps founders raise capital. Find him on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

In this podcast, Prasanna and Digjay have a conversation about B2B SaaS startups, their product-market fit, customer acquisition, and retention.

Are you an early-stage B2B SaaS startup founder?

Have the following questions in your mind?

  • How do I validate a product?
  • How do I test the market to gauge customer willingness to pay for the product?
  • How do I acquire my first 25 to 50 customers?
  • How do I build a team, and what are the core skill sets required?

Prasanna shares Upekkha’s frameworks for these questions during his chat with Digjay. Follow the link at the end of this post to listen to the podcast.

Excerpts from the conversation

Digjay: Could you share your view on the fundamentals of SaaS?

Prasanna: ".........SaaS is becoming the central nervous system for many organizations. SaaS needs to continuously evolve with the business's competitive dynamics to solve problems and create high value for your customers. How do you understand if your product is solving high-value problems for your customers? The answer is to find if your customers are willing to pay for your product. ...."

Digjay: How does a founder acquire their first few customers and retain them?

Prasanna: "........your first happy customer is the source of all your next customers. Answering the question in terms of the Value SaaS flywheel framework we use at Upekkha, the inner flywheel helps you understand if your product is solving the right problem for the right set of people in an organization.  Does the solution to the problem create high value for them? If yes, are you communicating effectively to convince them to use your product more?
Once your existing customers become your brand advocates and bring you more customers, the Value SaaS flywheel becomes incredibly important to help you grow capital-efficiently and reach your one million in annual recurring revenue."

Listen to the full conversation

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