As part of our outreach activities of VSF Basecamp, we are hosting Facebook Live sessions with talented and successful SaaS founders.

The Lives are scheduled for 4pm & 7pm everyday this week (Mon - Fri). To join in the FB live sessions visit the Upekkha Facebook page:

During these Lives the entrepreneurs will be sharing their experience of starting and building a startup. Join in and directly interact with these great founders. Hear their stories and get any of your questions on being an entrepreneur answered.

We have managed to bring together an impressive lineup of speakers. Full schedule of Lives is provided below

VSF Basecamp: Applications Open

We are organising this series as part of other outreach activities of our next Accelerator cohort: VSF Basecamp. VSF Basecamp is Upekkha's accelerator program for early-stage B2B SaaS startups.

The key to sustained growth for any B2B SaaS startup is its SaaS Flywheel. The VSF Basecamp Accelerator focuses on crafting your Value SaaS Flywheel. This sets the stage for predictable 2X ARR growth YoY.

We are looking for B2B SaaS startups with early revenues. We love founders with high optionality and an aspiration to create global B2B SaaS brands.

Link to Apply:

Deadline: 16 August, Sunday.