One of the best, smartest, hardest working, kickass founders in Upekkha Tribe, Manya shared her journey with us at the Upekkha Value SaaS Series on FB Live.

Manya Madan is the Co-founder of Zoconut (formerly Dietitio) and Pharmbooks, from Delhi, along with Paras Garg.

Manya's SaaS Journey

  • Manya and Paras started freelancing as college students in their first couple years at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, where she pursued a B.Tech degree in Computer Science
  • During their 3rd year at University, they realized they wanted to build something related to healthcare and health tech
  • They launched a hyperlocal medicine delivery platform called Medicians, but they soon realized B2C was a cash drain, as they didn't have a lot of funds to invest in marketing to potential customers
  • Another problem they faced was the technology gap, where most pharmacies were not digitized and struggled with using software
  • As Engineers, they decided to solve this problem by building an easy-to-use POS for pharmacies. When the POS product showed more promise, they closed Medicians and focused on their new startup, Pharmbooks
  • They were then approached by a Dietician who requested them to build a custom software for her to run her practice in a better manner
  • The entrepreneurial bug bit them again as they grasped that they could sell the software to other dieticians and nutritionists
  • In the beginning they solid it at a high price point, working with top dieticians as part of their top to bottom strategy, which is how Dietitio (later renamed as Zoconut came into being)
  • They put in all their learning from doing B2B with Pharmbooks but still made some mistakes
  • Their mentor, Ashish Tulsian of POSist, then recommended them to join Upekkha

How Upekkha helped Zoconut

  • Upekkha added immense value to their business. The sprints, 1-1 discussions were not about raising money, but about being capital-efficient in everything they do
  • Upekkha talked to Zoconut about their revenue, value-based pricing, their product roadmap, their customers, ICP. All the important things that actually move the needle, which was a game changer for their team
  • They are growing at good scale now and owe it all to their learning from Upekkha and the community of B2B SaaS Founders
  • The Upekkha Tribe made up of other B2B SaaS Founders have all either gone through the same problems before, or are going through them. Discussing what worked for the others and what didn't, has been truly helpful to Zoconut's growth. The Tribe Founders also become like your friends, cheering for you and being there for you, just a phone call away
  • Another important aspect that they learnt at Upekkha through the sprints was how to be aware of and work through their Founder biases.
  • They also preemptively got guidance to avoid certain decisions and pitfalls, which has been phenomenally helpful to them on their SaaS journey
  • Working with Upekkha saves at least 5-6 years of making mistakes and doing the wrong things to finally learn which are the right things that matter, all by yourself

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right market is very important
  • If you get more revenue from customers, you can invest it back into ensuring that those customers get the best service
  • Get the right guidance and mentorship to do the right things at the right time in the right market, or else you might make some revenue, but you will not be able to scale your business
  • Consistency is key, so is patience. If you're expecting instant results, then entrepreneurship is not for you
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