TLDR; Making decisions under stress is a founders #1 job. Upekkha helps with decision making in uncertainty through frameworks, mindset, coaching, and peer-mentoring.

As every founder knows, the startup journey is a roller-coaster — of events, emotions, outcomes; with the crest and the trough separated but by minutes.

The aggregate of thousands of your decisions & actions during that roller-coaster ride, effecting your outcome 5–7–10 years down the road.

Experienced entrepreneurs learn the feeling of “equanimity” that stands with you, through thick and thin, up and down.

Some folks ask if this is apathy. Equanimity is not about doing nothing. Equanimity is about crafting the right reaction to any and every external stimuli, from a position of deeply considered thought & mindful action, rather than blind animal reaction.

How can you feel perfect equanimity at the highest highs and the lowest lows? That’s Upekkhā. The mindset of being unwavering in the face of loss and gain, good-repute and ill-repute, praise and censure, and sorrow and happiness.

Our idea is an accelerator called Upekkhā.

Transforming with Equanimity? What can that even mean?

Imagine a surfer. Poised on the edge of a big wave. The biggest of her life. Roiling boiling chaos only a few inches away. You can smell the frothing, foaming ocean, thundering beside you.

You must be intimately connected with the environment, feeling, hearing, smelling, seeing, everything at once. At that moment, the choices, the direction to take, the smallest shift of weight, your every ACTION every millisecond, must be from a place of perfect balance.

Perfect equanimity. Upekkhā.

And if you are aligned, then there is incredible acceleration. What a rush!

And if you aren’t, a tumble down. What a fall!

If you’re apathetic, you will never put your self in the cold ocean, never care for an intimate connection with the raging uplifting waters around you.

If you dwell on the tumble, then you miss the next wave, only a minute behind.

If you’re flush with the thrill of a previous ride, you lose your footing as the new wave is subtly different, demanding a slightly different effort.

To become an expert surfer is to connect with your environment where you feel every single drop of the wave under your feet. To tell yourself at every crest, and every trough, “This wave too shall pass.

At Upekkhā we help founders of B2B SaaS startups with frameworks that improve their decision making under stress, to be the best founder they can. To understand their product-market-fit holistically. We help founders build an engine for growth, that works as a process and not randomly thrown darts. We help founders understand the roller-coaster that is a startup. To take the ups & downs, the upside-downs, all while saying “This too shall pass”, and preparing their best efforts.

Delivering real value to customers, and building scalable, sustainable, profitable businesses.

And in the process, help each founder build the best startup they can.

Here’s to transforming with equanimity!

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